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Quetta Gladiators official Team Kit & Logos PSL 2016

Get the official team squad for Pakistan Super League 2016. PSL T20 Qutta Gladiators team squad for PSL 2016. The official T20 squad of Pakistan Super League season 1. PSL 2016 T20 live cricket scores and live streaming PSL with PSL 2016 schedule available here. You can get the complete details of PSL 2016 live streaming details.

Quetta Gladiators official team kit colors & logos PSL 2016

Get here logo & kit of Team Quetta Gladiators PSL 2016. You can get here the T20 team squad and Pakistan Super League official themes and schedule of the Pakistan super League.

Quetta Gladiators Team KIT & LOGO:

The very 1st season of Pakistan Super League is set to take off in mid of February 2016 whereas cricket lovers holding tight on their seats waiting for the beginning of this most attractive and adventurous tournament of all the times.


Quetta Gladiators represents the biggest province of Pakistan known as Baluchistan and this cricket franchise have also packed up their luggage for the absolute journey of Pakistan Super League 2016 starting from 14thFebruary 2016 at UAE.

The logo of Quetta Gladiators team is having two colors in their finishing as purple and golden colors are prominently seen on the kit and logo of Quetta. The combination of these two colors is very attractive. On the top of the logo there is a image in wearing helmet which shows the sign of warriors. Near the helmet sign two bats are in cross shape which shows that the game between two opponents will be played with pure passion and aggression.

The name of the team is designed on the centre of the logo “Quetta Gladiators” players of the Quetta suggested that name because they are the shining stars for the Quetta. The logo of Quetta Gladiators also acquires a creative outline. In the bottom of the logo local language of Pakistan is used which shows that Quetta Gladiators are proud of Pakistan as they represent one of the biggest area province of Pakistan.

Like other teams of the Pakistan Super League 2016, Quetta Gladiators also have a beautiful uniform their shirt/ jersey with a combination of two beautiful colors mentioned as above. The shirt/jersey also acquires their logo on the upper left side of the shirt/jersey. On the upper right side of the shirt/ jersey there is a logo of Pakistan Super League 2016.

In the middle of the shirt/jersey a sign of sponsor is also shown with red or blue color. Sign of sponsor is also shown on the left arm of the shirt/jersey. The color of whole shirt is purple but two lines from both of the shoulder is taken with golden color. The kit & logo of Quetta Gladiators for PSL 2016 is designed by different outfitters and with the choice of their players.

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