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Toss Report: Ireland vs Oman Toss Prediction, Who Won The Toss

Ireland vs Oman Toss report who won the toss and Ireland vs Oman ICC T20 Cricket World Cup 2016 scheduled to be played at Dharamsala. You can get the complete details of Ireland vs Oman T20 match predictions, with ball by ball live commentary and latest updates.

[su_note]Ireland is Batting First[/su_note]

So, the Omanis go into a huddle as Ireland’s openers, Porterfield and Stirling march out to bat. The lights are on, the dew may be a factor, there’s a chill in the air and the ball may skid on. Let’s see what transpires.

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Amrit: “I have a very funny feeling for this match Oman have been really good for the last few games. Ireland have been jittery It’s a battle of nerves this game and Oman will win it just for the sheer pleasure of playing and making it to the big leagues. Good crowd support too”

The anthems “will stir up feelings of patriotism and belonging”, we are told. That’s nice. And it has to be said, Deepak: “From the 3 matches so far in this tournament, the chasing team needed 39 runs from 3 overs in all of them and the chasing team lost. Coincidence or what??!!!” Or what indeed, Deepak! Strange forces at play…

Shankar: “Andrew, is it brew or BRU… BRU is very famous in South India especially in Tamilnadu/ Chennai” Gosh, and I thought it was brewed from girders in Scotland…

Matchendran: “@Andrew: Any particular reason you numbered the ireland squad and not the Oman squad. I think you are little biased towards Ireland” And there I was hoping no-one would notice. Simple truth is I didn’t have time to check who would be batting where, as I have never watched them play a match in my life. How exciting!

Aftab.Dawn: “”Ireland will bat.” why it’s not published as bold today????” It is now!
Right, time for a brew. Or a chai, I should say, I may have shifted continents but a brew is a brew in any language.

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